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What are the benefits of using HireTheVerified over other tools?

The HireTheVerified carefully designed to help business to ease the process of hiring the freelancers. We handle the pain of pre-screening the freelancer profiles.

We provide:

  • Verified Freelancer Profile that are evalutated by the anonymization and structured interview process.
  • In-details Freelancer Profile that includes the skill report, portfolio, interview evalution, recommandation
  • anonymization and structured evaluation of the interviews
  • data-rich skills profile for the each freelancers

How does HireTheVerified fit into our hiring process?

The HireTheVerified platform replace the very first process of hiring freelancers. It provides the profiles of the freelancers with in-depth profile details.

What type of freelancers available via the HireTheVerified?

Currently you can get the mobile freelancers who have knowledge of Native Android Development, Native Ios Development, Hybid Mobile Development, Cross platfrom Kotlin Development.

How quickly can I start using HireTheVerified?

HireTheVerified onboarding is very quick. Once you have signed on, you can get the list of freelances whom you can contact directly via call or email.

Does HireTheVerified offer integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems?

No, Currently we are not intregrating with any software. But in future, definatly. Tell us at ankur@unitalks.co

How does HireTheVerified handle freelances data?

Candidate data is protected under privacy guidelines and is only used to communicate with the freelacners. Interview data is only shared directly with the freelances and business. No data is shared outside of the HireTheVerified team or with any other HireTheVerified partners.

How does HireTheVerified's pricing Works?

HireTheVerified follows the pay per use pricing model. HireTheVerified costs INR 750/freelancer one-time. No recurring.

How will be I billed?

We use a credit system within the app. When you subscribe you're given credits based on how much you pay. 1 Credit= 1 Freelancer Profile.

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