In the previous articles, we’ve already discussed how personal branding plays a vital role in the freelance business and what points a freelancer should keep in mind before branding his product.

Now, in the same stream, it’s natural that you’ll want to expand your brand and make it big. And that implies working towards your brand growth.

Growing your brand means higher earnings, more challenging work, and greater financial security. But without a boss, marketing manager, and a financial advisor, how do you plan to go about it?

This article will help you explore various branding tools/ways to add fuel to your power and recognition.


One of the surest ways you can build, grow, and nurture your brand is networking. Maintaining and creating professional interpersonal relations can help your brand gain friction and credibility. Following networking strategies can help you spawn new clients and double-check the current ones-

LinkedIn — LinkedIn is only kind and a very opportunistic platform to connect with leaders and business people. If used smartly and correctly, LinkedIn can prove to be a great marketing tool that can pan out your connections with potential clients.

    • Join Groups- LinkedIn groups help you connect with like-minded people and share meaningful information and insights suited to your niche. It enables you to build and cultivate your own culture. Most importantly, it helps you grow in your culture. Groups are a great source to find your potential work as well. For instance, if you’re a freelance photographer, don’t just join groups of that particular niche, but try to find groups that reflect the kind of domain you’re interested in working in. Possible places where your potential clients might hangout — get them first.
    • Consistent Engagement- LinkedIn provides you with a newsfeed- a reference to your connections’ activities. The same acts as a powerful insight tool to let you know where your connections have been commenting, liking, and engaging. You can adopt the same route, engage with these threads, and effectively put yourself in front of people who matter.
    • Create Content- Creating content doesn’t mean you have to post daily. Is there a motivational quote you want to share? Some inspirational advice? An excellent short story? Perhaps your personal experience? Whereby you could share something which makes your clients easily approachable if your voice resonates with them. The bottom line is to serve your contacts and not advertise your brand. Prepare content with an approachable and relatable voice. However, it would help if you kept in mind how the LinkedIn algorithm works. There are certain do’s, and dont’s that you must check before posting on LinkedIn. For instance, one must not post promotional content for LinkedIn immediately puts it down, and your post’s reach is automatically limited.

Instagram — As a freelancer who wants to power up his brand, you need to approach Instagram in a very technical manner. Your bio on Instagram should be your ad window, should be strategically and directly linked with your portfolio and website.

  • Hashtags: Instagram is all about #hashtags. Your job is to find the right ones and eliminate the wrong ones. Using the right hashtag primary in getting your content discovered, bringing more traffic and subsequent users to your brand.

To ensure your brand’s hike, you need to hit the right timings while uploading your post — if you desire people to engage immediately with your post.

Twitter- Here, I will present you simple tactics to conquer the Twitter empire and help create your Brand on Twitter-

  • Keep your username short and memorable– For instance, if your brand revolves around cooking, @SELINATHESHEF would sound more appealing and at ease than some funky mid-school names @hotfoodcook, or if you wish to set the ground for your business, then you can pick your name as your username. A strong brand needs to be consistent and recognizable, and that includes your usernames.
  • Choose a professional branding image– Your profile picture and header should be set accordingly because your profile on Twitter is your online business card and people need and acknowledge who you are.
  • Twitter Chats — Start building connections and influence, and Twitter chats are one way to do that. You can interact with new people, gain new followers, and attract information about your niche’s latest doings and updates.
  • Respond to Mentions and Shares- Never be hesitant to ask other people what they think. Don’t be afraid to start conversations by mentioning someone. It’s good to ask and engage. Who knows, that might be fruitful enough to get you new leads!

Youtube- Youtube can be one great tool to create awareness for your brand.

  • Start with keyword research — You can start by creating content that contains the right keywords that can lead your new target audience to discover you. Youtube is the next powerful search platform after Google, and people often search for “How to” content.

Pro tip- You can use keyword research tools like — for access to proper keywords on youtube.

  • Drive engagement with quality content — The most crucial factor in youtube’s algorithm is engagement. Thus, you need to create excellent video content for your audience to engage.
  • Promote your Brand — After creating your content, you need to promote it as well. You can do that by sharing the link of your youtube video on your other social media handles. But make sure you funnel back your traffic back to youtube.

You can start by including your vlogs or videos in your blogs or newsletters.

  • Must Join Slack Communities

hy Slack Communities?

Slack offers the benefits of a community with a real-time interactive response. In this sort of thriving community, the chats are honest and useful. You are free to ask any question, recommend a good reading or share your experience, and get helpful feedback.

The best part? You’ll tap yourself into another time-consuming platform to attend.

Thousands of marketers are already enjoying the same platform, so you can not afford to miss seeing what the fuss is all about.

  • Online Geniuses: It is the biggest marketing community on Slack. It’s the best place to ask how to ignite your social media marketing strategy, talk about trends, and effectively network. Try looking through the current members of the community and see if you know anyone. You might have great chances with people who are in the same niche as yours.

Make an introduction by encouraging people to reach out to you.

Share your location and say you’re always up for a meeting.

  • Creative Tribes: It is known for a healthy professional atmosphere. Beyond sharing techniques, resources, advice, and personal experiences with one another, one can also build tribes. If you’re looking forward to expanding your team, it’s just the community to join in!


 Crunchbase is the one-stop trusted platform for professionals to explore idealistic companies, connect with like-minded people, and pursue new opportunities and gain rich insights. More than 55 million professionals — including marketers, investors, market researchers, entrepreneurs, and salespeople.

You can utilize Crunchbase –

  • Finding business information.
  • Investment and funding information.
  • Merger news and industry trends. Freelancers can use this website to find graphic arts works and design clients. This will only help you bid clients but attract more people towards your brand.

KR Social Media — 

New to your freelancing business? Don’t worry; this page got you all covered. This page will take care of everything from designing a significant sales page to top tools to organize your work.


 Wish to design and create free ads? Ebooks? Graphics for your site? And you don’t own a degree as a graphic designer? That’s where Canva steps in. Having both free and paid options, Canva is the best rescue graphics tool for any DIY personal brand.

Canva aids you in creating a professional-looking graphic with less time and work than hiring a professional. You can easily choose from the pre-sized projects, upload your own images, or get some ideas from Canva itself.


Blogging is one of the most important aspects to be covered while creating your personal brand. While it is an excellent way to gain exposure for your brand, it can also improve your brand.

  1. Register your name as the domain
  2. Design a Friendly Blog
  3. Make your Blog Functional
  4. Keep the updates regular
  5. Maintain a newsletter

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