For a freelancer, especially as a beginner, the stream of clients is never steady. There is no right prediction for success since there is no reliable system to hook clients. And watching loads of strategic videos and dwelling on numerous tutorials can be so overwhelming at times!

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This is where AngelList comes to your rescue, and in this blog, we shall discuss how you can leverage AngelList as a freelancer.

What is AngelList? Why should a freelancer consider it?

A freelancer should always focus on utilizing reusable formulas to land in clients to achieve his/her goals. AngelList is a one-stop platform and an open market for skilled digital workers and startup job recruiters to bag new freelance talent or invest in new projects.
Many freelancers regard AngelList as their only trustworthy resource since the job recruiters at AngelList are quite serious about their hiring process and require at least one or two rounds of skype interviews before initiating the appointment letter. Moreover, AngelList as a job-seeking platform helps freelancers by providing them with high paycheck jobs, high skills, and high-quality projects to invest in.

Before starting on AngelList, you need to do your homework and proper research to edge out your competition and get an idea of how your fellow freelancers have been doing on Angellist. You need to draw and analyze the appropriate connection between different profiles and see how creative your fellow competitive content writers stand out.

You need to work up the client-side of your brain, and this is how-

You can start by listing your own demo company on AngelList and digging into the talent souring side of AngelList to get an insight into other content writers’ (just for example ) profiles through the eyes of a potential recruiter. For example, I’m a content writer and wish to work remotely, so I’ll search for the same. Then, I will pay attention to the headlines and significant striking points on their profile like — creative, versatility, etc, that made them sell out to their clients. What’s making them hired? Their headline? Years of experience? Achievements? In short, You need to show your clients how you’re capable of leading their projects and bringing in the desired results.

A Killer Headline can be a boost — A headline is the first thing a client sees, and to catch the client’s eyes, you need to show them what exactly what they’re looking for. ( Understand the needs of your target market and list your achievements accordingly in the headline ) Every client has already envisioned how they want to see their company/startup in the next coming years- You need to make them see you as that vehicle that’ll help them witness that vision.

Here’s a result-driven formula for an excellent headline on Angellist-

I help ______ to ______ by/with/through ______

I help niche, to get results by my service.

For example, If I had to write a deadline, I helped write startups to raise their second round of funding through SEO bogs.

Funnel Clients According to Your Goals-

After setting in the right headline, you need to start searching for the right clients. AngelList makes it very easy to filter out your potential clients due to its rich database of target clients.

All you need to do is to filter your search according to your goals i.e.

  • If you want to work remotely.
  • If you have a number in mind regarding your compensation.
  • The number of team members you’re comfortable working with.

How to Hook the Best Clients-

Before pinging any client, you need to do your research. Doing an audit is the best way to go about understanding your potential client’s business. You can take the help of the given Audit checklist for better analysis. The audit covers everything from design, and SEO to content marketing.

Auditing the client’s business will say a lot about your sincerity in becoming a part of their business and highlight your passion for helping them grow.

And before writing proposals, if you’re a content writer and notice few grammatical errors on their page or a web designer and see their page is slow, mention it.

This will help your client view you as a valuable investment rather than just an ally.

Use Video Proposals to Stand Out-

As a freelancer myself, I’ve seen words fail me sometimes, and it’s hard to sound confident and cool at the same time. Therefore, I always go for video contact for the first time. It helps the potential client read my attitude and personality in better ways than imagined!

Just don’t make the video all about your achievement, education, and skills and master their needs. For example, if a client has fewer SEO blogs, you can explain to them what it can do to their business and how you can help them with that.

You can give broad examples of how multilingual SEO or just SEO will improve their search engines’ rankings. Don’t provide too much information but flex!

Now when you start tracking your video proposals’ success rate, here are some vital aspects of being considered.

  • The number of proposals made
  • The number of proposals opened by the potential client ( Open rate)
  • The number of interviews scheduled. ( Engagement rate )
  • The number of sales made. ( Conversion rate)

Tracking these rates will help you predict your income and client success rate on AngelList.

For example, if your current job allows you a paycheck of $5k dollars, you wish to increase it to 10k dollars. Now, with your tract rates and conversions, you can work backward to administer precisely how many proposals you’ll need to send to get you the clients who will get you up to your $10k goal.

For example, if someone’s open rate is 20%, the engagement rate is 100%, and the conversion rate is 50%, and you want to add two more clients, how many more proposals would you have to send?

Since your open rate is 20% and you send your video proposal to 20 people, that means 20 percent of these clients will open and watch the bid, which ultimately equals four people or potential clients.

Since your engagement rate is 100%, and after being interviewed by four clients, 50% ( conversion rates) of those potential clients will become real clients. So, this is how you’ll bag two more clients in your pocket!

Use “Verified hiring badges” features

Angellist announce a new feature Verified hiring badges,

We polled companies on AngelList to see if they were still hiring, and thousands of them confirmed.

So basically AngelList polled on the website to check whether companies are actually hiring or they just add the job for the future.

Use this feature to check whether companies are actively hiring or not.

Make Every Opportunity count-

  1. AngelList gives you an option to add a small note with your proposals to the recruiter before applying for the job. Don’t skip this step!
  2. Regularly maintain your AngelList profile. It’s effortless to set your profile and then leave it alone. But for your career to keep evolving on AngelList, make sure to keep updating your profile with new information- new job updates, mini resumes.

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