Freelancers have a different life. The freedom of picking clients, the comfort zone, working in the desired domain, the relaxed atmosphere, and independence are the major pros of the freelancing world. The wide area of exposure that a freelancer receives gives them experience working on various topics and projects. The controlled workload and the choice of picking projects that seem meaningful are other reasons why many people dive into this lake of opportunities. 

From working in pajamas to persuading that zone for yourself, it is becoming love for millions of people out there. The number of freelancing websites and applications is proof that this medium of work will be soon. Nobody knew that such time would come too soon. Yes, the insane outbreak of coronavirus changed the entire work culture for almost the entire globe. Some jaw-dropping freelance statistics include 57 million freelancers only in the USA. Freelancers are all set to represent 80% of the global workforce by the year 2030. 

Yeah, that’s huge!

All these numbers have been adding up to the stress of the employers. Literally. Screening the best fit needs an eagle’s eye. This blog covers certain tips and tricks for hiring the right person.

This blog will help you make the right decisions effectively. Once you start getting the freelancer profile, do the following things to verify the profiles:

Comprehend Their Profile

Freelancers mention their past work on their profiles to showcase their skills. Analyze their abilities and check if their work fits your job description. Check if they have any experience of working as a freelancer. Standardized assessments will give you a better idea. While doing all this, keep in mind the core values, vision, and mission of your company. It will align your search, and finding a culture-fit candidate will become easy.

Conduct Recruitment Calls

When calling a candidate, establish initial rapport first and then reach to taking back information. Try to grab as much appropriate information as possible. Also, understand the value of skills for the vacant position. Talk about your project and its requirement and check how much they are interested in working with you. 

Specific questions you can ask them while having a conversation-

  • How well can they work on short deadlines?
  • How much time can they give to your project? 
  • Any referrals for the same or another position?

Explaining The Job In Detail:

The next step is talking about your requirement in detail with them. Listing down the most important things-

  1. Skills matches.
  2. Deadline and commitment for the work.
  3. Communication skills.
freelancer and employer discussion

Time To Negotiate:

Finding a fair agreement while talking to freelancers is a very sensitive thing. Till this step, you might have found out the worth of the candidate you are talking to. Set your ideal budget and let them suggest their rates. They might ask for a lower rate giving you an edge. Stay away from belittling the ability of the freelancer by offering them less. To ensure a good relationship and retain the talent, pay them at or above market value. Don’t hesitate to pay them upfront.

Small But Paid Assignment:

Not all businesses need this step. You can decide if you need a small test to make the correct decision. It helps immensely. Paid assignment helps us to check how adaptable the freelancer is in your business industry. You can cognize the turnaround time and their commitment to work. For example, you have to hire a content writer for 2-3 months, ask them to write an article about 200 or more words. That will help you in finding the right talent and save you from a lot of hustle.

Summary Of The Article

Hiring a freelance can be a daunting task for many. But going the right way can change things for good. Take a look at the essential points that you can practice to do it more effectively.

  1. Understand their working style through their way of talking. Figure out if the candidate is working anywhere else. Ask if they are available for n number of hours as per your requirements.
  2. Check communication skills and their level of confidence.
  3. Ask for remote work experience. That will help you big time. 
  4. Try to ask whether they are capable of sticking to the time frame allowed for the project. (if you sometimes have some urgent work, ask their availability).
  5. Avoid saying, “We will let you know.” It gives a negative impact on the company to the freelancer. If the decision is not positive, say that politely. 
  6. If you like their work, the next step is understanding the pricing.
  7. Before proceeding, keep one small paid assignment that will help you understand how he/she works.
  8. Ask for referrals.

Finally hire the right talent and warm welcome his/her in your team.

welcome freelancer in your team

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