In the previous article, we have figure out as a project owner, what you need to do before engaging the freelancer. Once you have figure out what is the project details, what type of freelancer you need, his role and responsibilities, and a freelancer budget.

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The usual question rise while working with the freelancers is the should I hire the freelancer for one project basic or recurring basis?  So we broadly divide the freelancer into two types-

Freelancer project type
Freelancer project type

Before going into details, let’s figure out what is the meaning of one-time freelancer or Recurring freelancer?

One-time freelancer– You hire the freelancer for the project that will complete in fixed time and cost. Freelancer will complete it and that it, no further arrangement.

Recurring Freelancer– You hire the freelancer on monthly/hourly basis. It may be an ongoing project or a completely new project where you will hire a freelancer for a longer period of time on a recurring basis.

Let’s talk about the different scenario-

Case 1– You already working on the Saas Project and you need to develop the Android App now.

Sol– Go with the One-time Freelancing thing. Since you already cleared out a lot of project details like product backend, product design, you need to build the Android app for a specific audience or specific use-case.

Case 2– You want to build an E-commerce app and you have some technical background.

Sol– The best thing is to Go with the recurring freelancer basis. Since you are in the early stage of the product, you will have to figure out a lot of things, a lot of iteration in the product.

Case 3– You want to build an E-commerce App. For that, you have already figure out the feature list, wireframe, and other requirements required for the project. Now you need Android Dev for Android Application, Ios Dev for Ios Application, Website Ui Dev for the website frontend development, Backend Dev for developing the API, Software Tester for testing all the apps.

Sol– In this case, it’s better to hire the developers as the One-time project and asking for the maintenance for the project on a recurring basis.


If your requirement is written in-depth, or you have a lot of clarity about your requirement then it wise to go for the one-time freelancer. You can negotiate the price and time.

But if you don’t have clarity about the project or requirement that can change then it’s better to go for recurring freelancing. That will give you the flexibility to changes the design, code based on the feedback.

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