When you start as a freelancer, just getting creative enough or having excellent skills isn’t going to feed you for the rest of your freelancing journey. You’ll have to start considering other important business managing aspects of your work that’ll have a long-term impact on your success. Simply put- You need to run a business in an organized manner to keep the cash flowing in the long run.

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When you grow your business, or in this case, your freelancing, your client number also increases. Well, it’s a good thing for more clients means more money, but it sure does add loads of paper, administrative, and accounting work on your back. You have 100% chances of freaking out if you’re not a numbers junkie since the accounting part isn’t exactly fun.

You’ll need to organize, keep track of all those hefty clients and projects, invoice each of them, manage your tax duties, and so much more. Well, thanks to God’s plan and Drake ( kidding, of course ) technology, there are thousands of invoices apps and software that can aid in managing invoices and ensure that your payments are complete and accurate.

To make it easier, in this article, I’ve curated and shortlisted some of the best invoicing tools for you bidding freelancers-

Now, Paypal is the most accepted freelance invoicing tool since most people already have a Paypal account. The free version on Paypal lets you create unlimited invoices for your unlimited clients. There is no initial cost for the functionality, and your clients will quickly pay through Paypal. Paypal will let you know if your invoices have been paid or not- an easy track feature for your invoices.
It also lets you create scheduled or recurring invoices to be delivered automatically and record customer payment by cheques.

With it’s unique ‘send the estimates’ features, Zoho lets you set the right expectations with your clients by sending out assessments for your services. The software captures every detail of your work and customizes the invoices according to your needs.
It helps you track and schedule your expenses and send payment reminders to your clients. Also, Zoho is great at meddling with clients because they can view the estimates and invoices and make payments for them from a convenient client portal. Grant them access to the portal and reduce the hassle of sending invoices over and over again. Clients can update their information from there as well.

Well, I fear after listening to all its unique features, you might drop other freelancing apps. From helping you find clients and pitching clients and offering a CRM to help you manage all the clients you interact with for potential jobs, this software has a lot to offer in invoicing as well.

You can add multiple pricing models for your business, depending on what suits the client best, and automatically get an invoice created for them based on their choice. Suppose you’re truly concerned about the legalities of everything with your client.
In that case, this is the right place for Bonsai sets you up with ‘verified by lawyer’ contracts that you can send to your clients: Global payments, 180 currencies, International agreements. The contacts generated for you by Hello Bonsai accept e-Signatures. You sign it on your end, and then the client can sign in with theirs as well. Not only that, there’s a time tracking built right in the app, which can help you track leads, send proposals, send contracts, and get paid. Altogether, Bonsai keeps you updated on what’s going on with your account. Contracts that haven’t been signed yet, invoices that have yet to be paid, or when a new lead has filled out your form.

Moreover, there’s a Zapier integration for you. If you don’t know what Zapier is yet, it’s an automation platform that helps you connect two or more apps.

With Freshbooks, you can create invoices in less than 30 seconds and send them to your clients straight from the dashboard.
With its easy invoice generator, it’s simple to create and customize your invoice, add your logo and personalize your thank you email. It helps your clients pay you in their preferred manner by including credit cards and ACH. Almost like every other invoicing software, it sends reminders and completely automates the financial aspect of your freelance business. Altogether, recurring invoicing, time tracking, project management, and reporting all seamlessly work together with this one, easy-to-use tool.

Invoicely is an app that runs its specialty in invoicing, but it also has some other features that might help you.
The free plan includes unlimited invoices, Bill in any currency, and accepting payments through PayPal. You’ll be able to customize the invoices and easily create professional-looking invoices. Whereas, the Basic Plan (currently $9.99 per month) offers a few additional features that may be of use to you, such as creating estimates, recurring invoices, tracking expenses, and accepting credit card payment.
Not only that, they help you edit and create clients from all over the globe and assign them currencies and individual languages.

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