Freelancing and remote work is becoming increasingly popular, both for companies needing specific talents and for people looking for flexibility and a broader range of potential clients.

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            For Example, you want to build the eCommerce app-

    1.                1. Write down all the feature list.
    2.                2. Then, break the feature into sub-feature.
    3.                3. Write down all the cases for these sub-feature. For Example-
                         You want to build the “Rate an App” feature. So for this, cases will be –
                         Case 1– User can “Rate the App” by clicking the designated button.
                         Case 2– “Rate the App” dialog/screen will come after the happy path.
    4.                4. Write down the User flow of the app. Use the wireframe/mockup tool to create the user flow.
    5.                5. Try to create the user persona, aka the target audience of your software.
    6.               6. Platform for which you want to build your app.

Bonus Tips: Try to add the visual in the feature docs to help you read the doc fast.

2. Figure out what type of freelancers you need- Once you write down the project requirements in detail, you can quickly figure out what type of freelancer you need. Do you need a User research expert, Android Developer, Software tester, etc.?

For Example- Taking the same Example, i.e., Ecommerce App.

If you are not to figure out the app’s user flow, target audience, and competition, you may need the UX Researcher/Expert freelancer.

You may require a Graphic designer/ UI Designer if you cannot create the wireframe/final design of the app.

3. Write down the roles and responsibilities of the freelancer- Once you have written down the exact project requirements and who all freelancers you need. Now comes to the roles and responsibilities of these freelancers.

The roles and responsibilities of each freelancer are entirely dependent upon the project.

For Example- you have figured out you need an Android developer, and your project is related to the Picture editing tool. Then you need someone good at understanding Canvas, Camera, font, etc., not someone who is excellent at the networking library.

4. Set a freelancing budget- Most importantly, set up an approx freelancing budget for each freelancer or complete project. The best way to do so is to ask your friends who work in a related domain. There are some tools available that will help you to estimate the total cost of the project.

Cost depends on a lot of factors-

1. What type of freelancers did you require?
2. Where you are located.
3. From where you planning to hire the freelancer? (We will cover this in our next topic)

Setting up the budget that will help you to reach the right freelancer who will fit into your bill.

Bonus Tip: Don’t set the fixed budget. Set the approx budget.

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