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Hire Pre-Vetted Freelancers
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Say Goodbye to conventional hiring methods!.

Finding Freelancer over social media, asking your friend, Posting over reddit. It’s time for something that actually works.

Traditional Freelancer Searching

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Tiring Chase for a freelancer

Reaching out to umpteen sources (Agencies, Social Media, Seeking References and Ads) is daunting and enormous task. Despite that, no guarantee to get the freelancer of your choice.

Lacking quality control
Restricted Access to Freelancers

Most freelancing sites often do not allow direct access to resource pool and thereby restrict ease of access. This limiting experience can be often frustrating. .

Calendar with limited time
The Middleman Woes

Too many layers between the Business and Freelancers will clog up the flow of communication and additionally limit transparency.

The Hire The Verified

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HiretheVerified lend a hand to meet you the freelancer of just your choice. Check out listed freelancer profiles, Scan it, Like it, Converse, Agree and Bingo – The work begins!.

Quality control
Free-flowing Communication

HireTheVerified facilitate a direct and seamless communication between you and the Freelancer. Unrestricted and Unlimited communication with the freelancers- Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!

Yes, I love it!

The choice you make through our “best of the lot” increases the success of your project manifold. Through our meticulously defined framework, we offer you freelancers nothing but THE BEST – Thoroughly Verified to satisfaction!

Tech Stack Offered by HireTheVerified

Right Skill is the foundation stone for a successful project. Check out, what skills are available currently with our competent freelancers.

Android Development

Software Engineering

Ios Development

Frontend Engineering

Flutter Development

Mobile Engineering

React Native Development

Data Analytics

Xamrian Development

Data Engineering

Kotlin Cross-Platform Development

Site Reliability Engineering

Numbers Don't lie!

Here’re a few numbers that speak volumes about the experience of the hirers at HireTheVerified

Businesses who took leverage of HireTheVerified
Freelancers are hired via the HireTheVerified
Reduction in pre-onsite
interviewer time
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It was both time-saving and hassle-free to find a freelancer for my project. The elaborated freelancer profiles thru HireTheVerified were helpful in making a quick choice. Knowing their past work experience, technical skills, reference and pricing all at one place really brought assurance.”
Vivek Saini, CTO @ QDC

What Makes us a Cut Above the Rest?

HireTheVerified assist you to find the ‘Right Match’ for your business. Our meticulous screening practices are well crafted to validate freelancers and to cut down your search-time.

Unbiased and entirely anonymous freelancer evaluation procedure.
Anytime access to Tailor-made freelancer profiles to suit your needs.
Absolutely transparent and direct communication between you and freelancer.
Inclusive hiring

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